Patient Stories

Patient stories guarantee the patient voice is heard in efforts to improve diagnostic quality and safety.

Lisa Simpson

A Harrowing Cancer Journey During Pregnancy Follows a Delayed Diagnosis, Lisa Simpson’s Story

Washington, DC

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Tom Lee

Rare Disease Scare, Tom Lee’s Story

Elmhurst, IL

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Kevin Wake

Misinterpreted Rare Condition, Kevin Wake’s Story

Kansas City, MO

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Elizabeth Cohen

A False Positive Scare, Elizabeth Cohen’s Story

Chicago, IL

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Joy Malanyaon

More Than a Headache, Joy Malanyaon’s Story

Odenton, MD

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Daniel Rodriguez

A Downward Spiral, Daniel Rodriguez’s Story

Long Island, New York

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Symptom or Side Effect?, Mildred Barker’s Story

Davis, CA

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Alex James

Running Against the Clock, Alex James’ Story

Houston, Texas

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Cal Sheridan

The Missed Bilirubin Test, Cal Sheridan’s Story

Boise, ID

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Kellie Schroeder

From Stage 1 Melanoma to Unexplained Blood Loss, Kellie Schroeder’s Story

Atlanta, GA

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Yogiraj Charles Bates

The Overlooked Clot, Yogiraj Charles Bates’ Story

Temecula, CA

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Jessica Barnett

Unbelieved, Jessica Barnett’s Story

Greenwich, Nova Scotia, CA

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Kimberly Rodgers

The Perfect Storm, Kimberly Rodgers’ Story

Chicago, IL

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Diana Cejas

The Lingering Lump, Diana Cejas’ Story

Durham, NC

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Barry McKeown

One of the Lucky Ones, Barry McKeown’s Story

Aurora, CA

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Wendy Hayum-Gross Story

Becoming Your Own Advocate, Wendy Hayum-Gross’ Story

Naperville, IL

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Alex Reed

From the Baseball Field to Dialysis, Alex Reed’s Story

Pittsburgh, PA

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Peggy Zuckerman

From Eye Procedure to Kidney Cancer, Peggy Zuckerman’s Story

Long Beach, CA

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Jennifer Campisano

Diagnostic Roller Coaster, Jennifer Campisano’s Story

Phoenix, AZ

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Julia Berg

The Missed Test, Julia Berg’s Story

Minneapolis, MN

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Patient stories illustrate the scope and importance of addressing diagnostic error. By sharing your story, you help ensure the voices of patients and their families are heard in diagnostic improvement efforts.

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