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The Coalition to Improve Diagnosis, convened and led by the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine (SIDM), is a collaboration of more than 60 leading healthcare organizations focused on ensuring that diagnoses are accurate, communicated and timely. Our Coalition members represent doctors, nurses, testing professionals, patients and their families, employers, researchers, policymakers, educators, leading health organizations, and government agencies involved in patient care.

The Coalition to Improve Diagnosis is the only collaboration of diverse healthcare organizations singularly focused on improving the diagnostic process. Together, we work to find solutions that enhance diagnostic quality and safety, reduce harm and ultimately, ensure better health outcomes for patients.

The Coalition members commit to the following:

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Improving diagnosis will not happen overnight. The complexity of diagnostic error and the collaborative, team-based approaches needed to improve accuracy will require disciplined and sustained work in the coming years, with a deep engagement of diverse stakeholders.

Everyone has an important role to play in improving diagnosis. To learn more about the Coalition, read the following documents:

If your organization is interested in joining the Coalition, please contact Coalition@ImproveDiagnosis.org.

Organizations that join the Coalition:

  • Develop innovative partnerships with other Coalition members;
  • Shape the policy agenda around diagnosis;
  • Influence the strategy of the Coalition in pursuing its collective actions to improve diagnosis;
  • Receive support from SIDM in amplifying their initiatives focused on improving diagnostic quality and safety; and
  • Receive recognition for their efforts in Coalition materials.
A special thanks to the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and The Mont Fund for supporting this initiative.
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

Join the Coalition

Improving diagnosis will not happen overnight, but the most prominent organizations in health care and patient advocacy are working together to identify how to improve diagnosis and make care safer. Learn how your organization can help us improve diagnosis.

1 in 3

malpractice cases resulting in serious harm are due to an inaccurate or delayed diagnosis.

Newman-Toker DE. Diagnosis. July 2019

What ACTion Are You Taking?

Most of us will experience a diagnostic error in our lifetime. We are working with more than 60 diverse organizations across healthcare to ACT for Better Diagnosis™.

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