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At Abbott, we know that laboratories performing at their best, deliver results that drive better patient outcomes and improve healthcare value. To help our customers achieve measurably better healthcare performance, Abbott has created a new way — an approach that delivers personalized solutions. By leveraging our resourceful advocates, harmonized systems and intelligent insights, Abbott Diagnostics helps redefine performance in laboratories and institutions.

Your total laboratory solution – personalized and harmonized.

Teladoc Health

Teladoc Health

Teladoc Health is the global virtual care leader, offering the only comprehensive virtual care solution spanning telehealth, expert medical, and licensed platform services. Through our award-winning consumer experience brands – Advance Medical, Best Doctors, BetterHelp, HealthiestYou, and Teladoc – we help millions of people around the world resolve their healthcare needs with confidence. Teladoc Health serves more than 10,000 clients including the world’s leading insurers, employers, hospitals and health systems. Together, we are continually modernizing the healthcare experience and making high-quality healthcare a reality for more people and organizations around the world. Follow Teladoc Health on Twitter @TeladocHealth.


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At the heart of all the Isabel DDx systems is its cutting edge, proprietary Disease Pattern Recognition Engine Platform (DPREP). The engine is powered by innovative, statistical natural language processing software which understands the meaning and context of unstructured free text. This is applied to our medical database of disease presentations which comprises thousands of carefully selected, evidence-based documents describing the multiple ways that over 10,000 conditions can present. The engine has effectively been trained over almost two decades on virtually every known possible presentation of the majority of all known diseases. The initial results from the Isabel DPREP are then passed through an additional set of algorithms tuned over many years to ensure that only those results relevant to the patient’s age, gender and geographical region are displayed. It is this unique structure, very different from the more traditional rules-based systems, which gives Isabel many inherent advantages. Benefiting from close to two decades of continuous development, validation and clinician feedback, Isabel today is widely acknowledged as the most accurate and versatile system available. When clinicians say they have ‘Isabeled’ a patient you know they have thought carefully about their diagnosis and are providing high quality, cost effective care.

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Med-IQ empowers individuals at every level of the healthcare delivery system with the knowledge they need to continuously improve provider performance and patient outcomes. Med-IQ has delivered unique educational experiences and services across the country and around the world, has been extensively published, and is proud to be one of the most award-winning accredited medical education providers in the United States.



Constellation is a growing partnership of mutual liability insurers and health service partners made up of organizations that unite to provide solutions and support to physicians and other healthcare providers. Formed in 2012 as a response to an increasingly challenging market, Constellation is guided by its own board of directors comprised of physicians, medical liability professionals and healthcare leaders. Constellation presents an opportunity for physician-owned insurers to band together for a common benefit. By becoming members and owners of Constellation, mission-driven insurers can secure their future and long-term ability to serve policyholders. Together, our companies have the scale and experience to thrive.

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CRICO is a group of companies owned by and serving the Harvard medical community. Leveraging four decades of medical malpractice data to identify trends and potential risk mitigation solutions, we provide industry-leading medical professional liability coverage, claims management, and extensive patient safety and educational resources to our members. Proudly serving 12,500 physicians, 34 hospitals, and more than 200 other healthcare organizations, we combine strong insurance protection with expert legal services and an array of successful patient safety initiatives. These comprehensive resources demonstrate our commitment to assist our organizations in delivering the safest health care in the world.

Physicians' Reciprocal Insurers

Physicians' Reciprocal Insurers (PRI), is the second largest admitted medical malpractice insurer in New York State and one of the Top Ten insurers in the country providing professional liability insurance to physicians and medical facilities. Founded in 1982 by doctors to serve the healthcare industry and its professionals, PRI continues to be a leader providing coverage and innovative products that anticipate the needs and further the financial goals of policyholders, and offers key services to help improve the liability environment for doctors, chiropractors, dentists, and healthcare facilities.

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