Board Members

Doug Salvador, MD, MPH


Doug Salvador leads the Department of Healthcare Quality at Baystate Health.  He collaborates with colleagues throughout the system to promote a learning health system, develop strategy for quality and patient safety, and coordinates health care for the community.   Using his training in medicine, engineering, and epidemiology, Dr. Salvador is focused on the redesign of healthcare delivery systems, diagnostic error, undergraduate and postgraduate education of quality and safety, and fostering a culture of patient safety.

A graduate of the Johns Hopkins University (Biomedical Engineering) and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Dr. Salvador trained in infectious diseases at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston.  He practiced as a hospital epidemiologist after receiving a Masters in Public Health degree from the Harvard School of Public Health.  His post-graduate training includes Patient Safety Officer Training from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and service on the board of examiners for the Baldrige National Quality Program.

Gurpreet DhaliwalGurpreet Dhaliwal, MD


Gurpreet Dhaliwal, MD is a Professor of Medicine at the University of California San Francisco. He studies how doctors think, how they diagnose, how they make treatment decisions and how they develop expertise. Considered one of the most skillful diagnosticians and clinician-educators in the U.S. today, Dr. Dhaliwal sees patients and teaches medical students and residents at the San Francisco VA Medical Center. Dr. Dhaliwal is a member of the UCSF Academy of Medical Educators and the UCSF Department of Medicine Council of Master Clinicians. He has received multiple teaching awards at UCSF and the 2015 national Alpha Omega Alpha Robert J. Glaser Distinguished Teacher Award. He writes for The Wall Street Journal’s “The Experts” healthcare blog. He has published over 100 articles in leading medical journals including the New England Journal of Medicine and the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Jen CampisanoJen Campisano, JD


Jen is a six-year breast cancer survivor, though she still struggles with that term. At 32, she was mistakenly diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. She was treated for metastatic breast cancer for four-and-a-half years before her doctors concluded that she was in remission and had been exhibiting an autoimmune disease rather than metastases. She will always be a staunch ally to patients living with metastatic disease.

A lawyer and former lobbyist before the federal government, Jen writes about motherhood, policy, and cancer on her blog and lends her legislative experience to advocacy groups such as YSC and METUP. She is also a member of the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship’s Cancer Policy & Advocacy Team.

She has written for The Huffington Post,,, Nancy’s Point, Women You Should Know, Cancer Knowledge Network, Healing Journeys, and Rage Against the Minivan. Jen was featured on The Today Show in October 2014 in a segment kicking off Breast Cancer Awareness Month hosted by Joan Lunden. Jen has also been featured in articles on the Livestrong Blog,, as part of Health Monitor’s Guide to Metastatic Cancer, in the Idaho Statesman, on a podcast on the Cancer GamePlan, and in a radio segment on The Stephanie Miller Show.

Disclosure Policy

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Helen BurstinHelen Burstin, MD, MPH

Helen Burstin, MD, MPH is the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the Council of Medical Specialty Societies (CMSS). CMSS and its 43-member societies represent almost 800,000 U.S. physician members. CMSS member societies collaborate to enhance the quality of care delivered in the U.S. healthcare system and to improve the health of the public. Dr. Burstin formerly served as Chief Scientific Officer of The National Quality Forum. Prior to joining NQF, Dr. Burstin was the Director of the Center for Primary Care, Prevention, and Clinical Partnerships at the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). Prior to joining AHRQ, Dr. Burstin was Director of Quality Measurement at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School. She was selected as a Baldrige Executive Fellow in 2016. Dr. Burstin is the author of more than 90 articles and book chapters on quality, safety and disparities.

Helene M. Epstein

Helene has grown accustomed to being the only person in the room without an MD after her name. Since 1999, she has served on committees, panels, and boards of directors for medical research projects, healthcare organizations, public schools, and grant-givers. She first became an advocate for families dealing with crisis when her son’s complex 15-year diagnostic journey began. She has been a published writer for over 25 years, known for turning complex issues into accessible information so readers can apply the information to their own lives. She has done so for topics ranging from healthcare to policy to parenting issues and many more. Helene is a proud member of SIDM’s Patient Engagement Advisory Committee and the author of SIDM’s Dx IQ column, which helps engage and empower patients in their search for an accurate diagnosis.

Helene’s personal mission is to ensure no adult, parent, senior, child, or family member ever has to accept a wrong diagnosis again as she did, unprotected and unarmed. She seeks to help educate, empower, and encourage patients to ask questions, pursue answers, access resources, and band together with others to support one another.


Ann Gaffey is the President of Healthcare Risk and Safety Strategies. She is an industry-recognized career risk managementquality and patient safety professional with thirty-five years of experience in healthcarehaving served as the 2016 President of the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management Ann works nationally and internationally to provide consultative services to healthcare organizations across the care continuum to develop, improve and enhance enterprise risk management and patient safety programs. Ms. Gaffey’s risk management experience includes responsibility for managing self-insurance and captive insurance programs, insurance purchasing, claims management, and traditional risk assessment and mitigation activities.   

Ann received her degree from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  She also received her Master of Science in Nursing Leadership and Management from The George Washington University. She has achieved the CPHRM and DFASHRM designations Ann currently serves as Faculty for the ASHRM Healthcare Risk Management Certificate Course and the Enterprise Risk Management Certificate Course, and previously served as adjunct faculty for the School of Nursing at The George Washington University. 

Tina Grande, MHS

Tina Olson Grande is Executive Vice President for Policy of the Healthcare Leadership Council (HLC). HLC is a coalition of chief executives of the nation’s leading healthcare companies and organizations. Ms. Grande oversees all policy-related matters pertaining to delivery systems, payment reform, health information technology, patient safety, and healthcare quality.

She is Chair of the Confidentiality Coalition, the leading health privacy coalition bringing together all sectors of the healthcare industry to ensure that federal policymakers find the right balance between the protection of health information and the efficient and interoperable systems needed to provide high quality care. Ms. Grande is a frequent speaker on health issues and her work has been published on numerous occasions.

Kenneth A. Mundt, PhD, FACE

Dr. Kenneth A. Mundt is a career epidemiologist with professional interest and experience in applying epidemiological concepts and methods to explore and understand the complex relationships between exposures and other risk factors and a broad range of human health outcomes and diseases. He has designed, conducted and published numerous epidemiological studies, performed critical reviews and syntheses of the published literature, and is active in the development of methods for integrating evidence across scientific lines of inquiry. Dr. Mundt specializes in the practical application of scientific concepts, methods, and evidence in evaluating causation, deriving health protective regulations, and for science-based evaluations for policy and decision-making purposes.

Kamili Wilson, B.A. and
Senior Vice President, AARP

Kamili Wilson has more than 20 years of demonstrated experience devising and implementing highly effective brand awareness and social marketing campaigns for Fortune 50 companies and leading non-profit organizations.

Currently, she serves as AARP’s Senior Vice President of Affiliate Integration Services and is responsible for ensuring the successful transition and integration of newly affiliated entities in order to optimize AARP’s mission, ensure business alignment and drive performance excellence. Ms. Wilson and her team serve as key strategic and implementation advisors to the AARP executive team, affiliate leadership, and their respective management teams on critical issues related to integration (front-end and back-end), growth, scale and sustainability.

Ms. Wilson is a graduate of the University of Virginia, where she earned a B.A. in English Literature. She served on the Executive Board of the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME), where she received the Edithe J. Levit Distinguished Service Award upon completion of her term. Ms. Wilson is also a former executive board member for the Arlington Retirement Housing Corporation (ARHC) and a former member of’s Corporate Advisory Board.

Von Wright, MBA

Von has over 30 years of experience leading, growing and transforming organizations ranging from start-ups to Fortune 10.  He’s an agile leader, having held “C” and “VP” level positions in Technology, Customer Experience, Strategy and Marketing.  Von has also founded two companies and developed innovative teams that helped to launch iconic products that have changed the way the world works.

Von is currently an independent Executive Coach and Consultant, as well as a Limited Partner and Senior Advisor to Zane VC, a venture fund that provides capital and mentoring to minority and women entrepreneurs.  In his work, he primarily advises technology founders, helping them scale their companies and grow as leaders.

Like so many others, Von’s family has been affected by diagnostic errors, thrusting him into the role of investigative researcher to find the answers he couldn’t get from the healthcare system.  What he found led him to start a healthcare business in 2014, join the board of a mental health organization in 2018, and become a passionate student of health science while advocating for healthcare transformation.

Von earned MBAs from Cornell University’s Johnson School, and the Katholieke Universitat, Leuven in Belgium.  He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Wabash College.