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Access toolkits aimed at providing patients, clinical teams, and educators with information and resources to improve diagnostic quality and safety.

Errors in clinical reasoning are central factors in many diagnostic errors. SIDM has developed a straightforward Assessment of Reasoning Tool to support educators in assessing a learner’s clinical reasoning skills during patient presentations.

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Having patients actively engaged in their care helps healthcare professionals develop more accurate, timely diagnoses. With this toolkit, patients can prepare for upcoming appointments, map symptoms, account for medications, and plan for next steps.

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SIDM has released two guides for hospitals and health systems in reducing harm from diagnostic errors. Each guide leverages the lived-experience, insights and expertise of PFACs to help drive change to improve diagnostic quality and safety.

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Diagnosis is one of the most difficult and complex tasks in health care. Download competencies, learning objectives, and milestones to build your own curriculum on diagnosis.

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Diagnostic reasoning is a fundamental skill for any clinician. The Clinical Reasoning Toolkit presents a collection of go-to resources for clinicians looking to develop their clinical reasoning skills.

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Access a repository of diagnostic practice improvement tools in use by systems throughout the country. For each tool we share: feasibility for other systems, implementation requirements, post-implementation status, limitations, cost, and sustainability.

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