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Upcoming Journal Club session

Tuesday, December 10, 2019 at 3:00 pm ET

Alexa Miller

Caitlin Clancy, MD

Kelly Gleason, RN, PhD

Vinita Parkash, MBBS


Join us for our next Journal Club session where the 2018 Fellows in Diagnostic Excellence will present their favorite diagnostic articles of 2019.

Alexa Miller will present wisdom as a construct for research as recently described in “The Emerging Empirical Science of WisdomDefinition, Measurement, Neurobiology, Longevity, and Interventions.” She will discuss implications for the medical learning process in light of her study of mastery in approaching uncertainty in the clinic.

Caitlin Clancy will discuss diagnostic accuracy of collective intelligence in the Human Dx platform and how we might apply these lessons to think about diagnostic teams in the real world, as discussed in "Comparative Accuracy of Diagnosis by Collective Intelligence of Multiple Physicians vs Individual Physicians."

Kelly Gleason will discuss “Learning from Tragedy: the Julia Berg Story” in the context of strengthening patient involvement in debriefing diagnostic errors.

Vinita Parkash will discuss "Serious misdiagnosis-related harms in malpractice claims: The "Big Three" - vascular events, infections, and cancers," published in the September issue of Diagnosis.


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