About SIDM

The Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine (SIDM) catalyzes and leads change to improve diagnosis and eliminate harm from diagnostic error. We work in partnership with patients, their families, the healthcare community, and every interested stakeholder. SIDM is the only organization focused solely on the problem of diagnostic error and improving the accuracy and timeliness of diagnosis. In 2015, SIDM established the Coalition to Improve Diagnosis to increase awareness and actions that improve diagnosis. Members of the Coalition represent hundreds of thousands of healthcare providers and patients, and the leading health organizations and government agencies involved in patient care. Together, we work to find solutions that enhance diagnostic safety and quality, reduce harm, and ultimately, ensure better health outcomes for patients.

SIDM is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.


SIDM will be the premier resource for innovative solutions to reduce medical
errors arising from misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis, or missed diagnosis.


Creating a world where no patients are harmed by diagnostic error.


Patient Centricity
Equity Enhancement
Stakeholder Partnerships
Responsible Stewardship