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Patients and family members have a significant opportunity to contribute to diagnostic accuracy and timeliness by actively participating in the diagnostic process. But often, they don't know the questions to ask, the information to offer, or the steps to take to improve diagnosis. At the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine (SIDM), we are focused on raising awareness about the magnitude and impact of diagnostic errors within the patient and consumer communities as well as providing tools and resources to equip these communities to participate in achieving an accurate and timely diagnosis.

Dx IQ Column

Getting it right is so important, and not always easy to do. That’s why the SIDM is sharing this new series of columns. Our goal is to help you understand how important your role is. We want you to be informed and well prepared for every kind of medical interaction that leads to a diagnosis.

Patient Engagement
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Patient's Toolkit

The Patient's Toolkit for Diagnosis is a resource created for patients, by patients. With this toolkit, patients can prepare for upcoming appointments, map symptoms, account for medications, and plan for next steps.

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Learn the important questions and answers when it comes to diagnostic error, including causes, most commonly misdiagnosed diseases, and what you can do to reduce your chances of receiving a misdiagnosis.

10 FAQs
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Hear from Patients

Patient stories guarantee the patient voice is heard in efforts to improve diagnostic quality and safety. Hear from patients who have experienced diagnostic error firsthand and see what they're doing to improve diagnosis.

Patient Stories
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Additional Resources

Looking to get more engaged in your health care? Browse our list of patient resources from top healthcare and patient advocacy organizations. Access symptom trackers, checklists, and more.

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Tell Your Story

Patient stories illustrate the scope and importance of addressing diagnostic error. By sharing your story, you help ensure the voices of patients and their families are heard in diagnostic improvement efforts.

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Patients Improving Research

SIDM's Patients Improving Research in Diagnosis (PAIRED) program brings together patient advocates and expert researchers to integrate the patient perspective in research efforts.

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