Strategic Plan

The Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine (SIDM)'s efforts are guided by our mission, vision, and the pillars of our strategic plan.


Creating a world where no patients are harmed by diagnostic error.


SIDM catalyzes and leads change to improve diagnosis and eliminate harm from diagnostic error, in partnership with patients, their families, the healthcare community and every interested stakeholder.

Strategic Priorities

Awareness & Engagement

Make improving diagnosis a priority for healthcare

  • Raise awareness of the magnitude and impact of the diagnostic quality and safety problem, and SIDM's unique role in addressing the problem.
  • Engage healthcare organizations in a coordinated effort to improve diagnosis.
  • Engage regulators, payers, liability insurers, policymakers, healthcare professionals and the patient community in policy initiatives that will drive improved diagnostic performance.


Increase research on diagnosis and focus on diagnostic outcomes that matter to patients

  • Seek increased public and private sector funding for diagnostic quality research.
  • Catalyze the development of data sources and measures of diagnostic quality and safety.
  • Expand the community of researchers studying diagnostic quality and safety.
  • Facilitate diagnostic research collaboration across disciplines, institutions and sectors.


Transform education of health professionals to improve diagnosis and develop new leaders in diagnostic quality and safety

  • Promote the development and assessment of diagnostic competencies in the education of health professionals with focus on diagnostic reasoning and health information technology.
  • Identify, develop and promote educational tools that improve diagnostic abilities among practicing health care professionals.
  • Develop leaders in diagnostic quality and safety among educators and promote diagnostic quality as its own field

Practice Improvement

Engage patients, clinicians, and healthcare systems to improve current diagnostic performance and reduce harm from diagnostic error

  • Drive the development of innovative interventions including patient and technology enabled tools.
  • Catalyze the development of measures used to evaluate interventions and monitor the diagnostic process and its outcomes.
  • Disseminate and promote utilization of effective interventions including IT tools.
  • Expand diagnostic quality improvement collaborations among practitioners.

Patient Engagement

Integrate patients and their families in all diagnostic improvement efforts

  • Develop a skilled, diverse national and international community of patient thought leaders knowledgeable about diagnostic quality and safety.
  • Engage the patient community in SIDM research, policy, practice improvement, and education efforts to drive focus on outcomes that matter to patients.
  • Promote SIDM’s patient engagement efforts and disseminate SIDM’s resources and materials broadly.
SIDM Update
Vision and Strategy

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