Strategic Plan

SIDM’s Overall Vision, Mission, and Values
The Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine (SIDM) has a long-term Vision to create a world where no patients are harmed by diagnostic error. To achieve this Vision, SIDM’s Mission is to catalyze and lead change to improve diagnosis and eliminate harm from diagnostic error, in partnership with patients, their families, the healthcare community and every interested stakeholder. We value patient partnership, universal access to appropriate diagnostic resources, and equity in diagnostic outcomes.

SIDM’s Catalytic Role in Improving Diagnosis in Healthcare
SIDM is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that has become the leading national and international voice for change in pursuit of improved diagnosis for patients in an effort to prevent resulting patient harms. SIDM views itself as a field catalyst—an intermediary organization that deploys different capabilities, influencing and augmenting the field’s efforts to achieve population-level change.8 SIDM welcomes the engagement of all stakeholders to the process, including (and especially) patients themselves.

SIDM’s 5-Year Strategic Plan (2021-2025) – Overarching Goal and Target Objectives
Engage and align healthcare organizations to take targeted actions to improve diagnosis in healthcare.
To achieve this overarching strategic goal, we will (1) continue to create the “burning platform” that motivates organizational leaders to engage and take action; (2) identify practical steps and impactful interventions that individual organizations can deploy; and (3) motivate collective organizational actions. Three target objectives were identified by SIDM’s Board as key areas for organizational engagement.

Target Objective #1 – Leaders (“People”)

  • Recruit and develop key organizational leaders to the improve diagnosis movement, including those from patient, provider, disease-focused, or other key stakeholder organizations. This should lead to a purposeful, goal-directed expansion of the Coalition to Improve Diagnosis aligned with the overall strategic plan goals. It should also enhance the impact of organizational partners towards SIDM’s mission by marrying local diagnostic quality and safety champions (patients, providers, and others) to institutional decision-makers (e.g., C-suite, Board). These individuals should also network with the national community of improving diagnosis advocates.

Target Objective #2 – Solutions (“Practice”)

  • Catalyze growth in clinical interventions designed to improve diagnostic outcomes in major clinical practice settings (i.e., clinic, emergency department, hospital inpatient). This could include defining and promoting more effective approaches to develop, refine, test, implement, and evaluate such interventions as part of a bedside-to-populations “solutions pipeline.” It may include creating a framework for disseminating effective and impactful interventions, including a mechanism to identify, vet, and rank candidate solutions as well as lay the foundation for a national, targeted implementation campaign that will lead to demonstrable “early wins.”

Target Objective #3 – Funding (“Policy”)

  • Leverage organizational engagement to increase funding to support diagnostic excellence, with a principal focus on implementing the Coalition to Improve Diagnosis’ recommendation for federal funding to create a national network of Centers for Diagnostic Excellence. This may also include rallying organizational support to promote policy-related or other steps that will enhance the funding of diagnostic quality and safety research or dissemination and uptake of research findings (e.g., inter-agency coordination of federal funding, improved data standards for recording patient symptoms / chief complaints, or payment incentives to implement results).
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About SIDM

SIDM is the only organization focused solely on the problem of diagnostic error and improving the accuracy and timeliness of diagnosis.