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Johns Hopkins Armstrong Institute Center for Diagnostic Excellence

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The Center for Diagnostic Excellence, the first such Center focused exclusively on improving diagnostic safety and quality, was established in 2016 in recognition of the urgent need to address diagnostic errors. The Center's mission is to innovate to achieve diagnostic excellence and accountability for Johns Hopkins, the region, and the world by eliminating preventable harms from diagnostic errors, optimizing patient outcomes and experience in diagnosis, and reducing waste in diagnostic assessment. To this end, the Center’s long-range goals include (1) catalyzing efforts to improve diagnostic performance by raising awareness, engaging partners, prioritizing problems, implementing solutions, and measuring the impact of new diagnostic strategies; (2) developing the science of diagnostic safety by creating novel methods, metrics, and tools to improve diagnosis; and (3) enhancing diagnostic research by building training capacity, organizing collaborative networks, and influencing funding policy. The Center is housed within the Johns Hopkins Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality. The Armstrong Institute’s mission is to partner with patients and their loved ones to end preventable harm and continuously improve patient outcomes with a vision of saving lives by leading the world in patient safety and quality care. The Center includes a transdisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, allied health professionals, scientists, and staff members from the Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center campuses. The Center’s achievements to date include building a community of patients and nurses trained to engage in diagnostic excellence research, creating novel diagnostic performance outcome measures, and developing innovative device-based bedside decision support tools to reduce stroke misdiagnosis in the emergency department.


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The Permanente Federation, Kaiser Permanente

The Permanente Federation LLC (the Federation) is the national leadership and consulting organization for the eight Permanente Medical Groups (PMGs), which, together with the Kaiser Foundation Health Plans and Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, comprise Kaiser Permanente. The PMGs employ more than 22,000 physicians and approximately 90,000 nurses and other clinicians, and they provide care to over 12.2 million Kaiser Permanente members. The Federation works on behalf of the PMGs to optimize care delivery and spread Permanente Medicine – medicine that is patient centered, evidence based, technology enabled, culturally responsive, team delivered, and physician led. The Federation, based in Oakland, California, fosters an open learning environment and accelerates research, innovation, and performance improvements across the PMGs to expand the reach of Kaiser Permanente’s integrated care delivery model and to lead the nation in transforming care delivery.




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