Interview with Karen Cosby, MD, FACEP, CPPS

Program Director, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
Associate Professor, Rush Medical College
Celebrating 10 Years of SIDM
Interview by Susan Carr | Senior Writer, ImproveDx

Karen Cosby, MD, FACEP, CPPS

Karen Cosby, MD, FACEP, CPPS

Q: How has being involved with SIDM influenced your practice or work?

A: The birth of SIDM, culminating in part from the annual Diagnosis Error in Medicine meetings, led to the creation of a community of passionate individuals all joined together out of grief (for all the harm we’ve either witnessed, personally experienced, or, shall I say, even caused), out of hope (for finding solutions), and out of aspiration for something better. The community came together without regard for medical disciplines or roles: radiologists, emergency physicians, hospitalists, primary care providers, and pathologists; doctors and nurses; patients and advocacy groups — all looking for a community to create understanding and grow solutions.

Q: As you think about SIDM’s 10-year history, is there a particular success or challenge you’d like to highlight?

A: The Society has generated opportunities to expand our networks, gain knowledge, try new ideas, start a journal, engage with one another in an online community, and create a fellowship for young professionals. It has given us a safe space to debate and disagree as we struggle to find sustainability and purpose. SIDM has provided a home for many to share their stories and seek answers, and it’s achieved influence beyond what any single, lone voice could. The fact that SIDM is still intact, growing, and attracting new participants is itself a success.

As the Society experiences inevitable growing pains and continues to define or refine its mission, scope, and scale, we should remember how we started, how far we’ve come, and take a moment to celebrate. We should remember where we came from and the purpose that burns in all our hearts and minds, then continue with a renewed commitment to one another. This community is the foundation of the organization and is critical to its mission.

Q: Where would you like to see the SIDM community focus its influence and resources in the next five years?

A: The Society would do well to focus on providing opportunities for its members to contribute individually and collectively with all their talent and energy.