Interview with Art Papier, MD

CEO & Founder, VisualDx
Associate Professor in Dermatology and Medical Informatics, University of Rochester
Celebrating 10 Years of SIDM
Interview by Susan Carr | Senior Writer, ImproveDx

Art Papier, MD

Art Papier, MD

Q: How has SIDM influenced your practice or work?

A: SIDM has engaged a broad group of healthcare professionals from physicians to nurses to advanced practice providers and has also brought the patient voice into the conversation, which has had great benefits. Hearing the voices and getting the expertise of all specialty professionals along with a large group of patients has been an enormous benefit in helping us define diagnostic information needs and possible solutions in our work at VisualDx. At the SIDM-sponsored Diagnostic Error in Medicine meetings, we have found new partners and collaborators who have been instrumental in helping us better understand the information needs of busy professionals and patients alike.

Q: As you think about SIDM’s 10-year history, is there a particular success or challenge you’d like to highlight?

A: The National Academy of Medicine report, Improving Diagnosis in Health Care, was a huge success for SIDM. The NAM report was a critical catalyst in bringing the problem of diagnostic error to the attention of hospitals and other stakeholders, including policy makers.

Q: Where would you like to see the SIDM community focus its influence and resources in the next five years?

A: SIDM needs to do more with innovation and information technology. We are living through the transition from a paradigm of memory-based education and care delivery to one of augmented and artificial intelligence. SIDM needs to engage in the future of health information technology. Clinicians are drowning in documentation burden. SIDM can play a leadership role in bringing together researchers, educators and informaticists to improve diagnosis.