Interview with Jeff Brady, MD, MPH

Director, Center for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Celebrating 10 Years of SIDM
Interview by Susan Carr | Senior Writer, ImproveDx

Jeff Brady

Jeff Brady, MD, MPH

Q: How has being involved with SIDM influenced your practice or work?

A: By bringing together early innovators, dedicated researchers, and improvement-oriented stakeholders, SIDM catalyzed the establishment of a new sector of healthcare safety and quality—improving diagnosis. The formation and growth of the Coalition to Improve Diagnosis has situated efforts to improve diagnosis among the top priorities that are essential for safe care. SIDM’s contributions to keeping patient safe are invaluable.

Q: As you think about SIDM’s 10-year history, is there a particular success or challenge you’d like to highlight?

A: SIDM’s persistence and advocacy have created a vibrant community that is dedicated to the shared goal of eliminating diagnostic error. Among other notable successes, SIDM has managed to maintain momentum that is advancing better diagnosis in a healthcare environment with several competing priorities. SIDM’s efforts to coordinate and activate key stakeholders, including the National Academy of Medicine and many others, are among its most notable achievements.

Q: Where would you like to see the SIDM community focus its influence and resources in the next five years?

A: We have seen a growing awareness of diagnostic error and, coupled with the urgent need prevent these harms, these forces should continue to drive us towards a tipping point for action and results that will benefit patients. SIDM is certainly doing its part to highlight the need and also the positive outcomes that will follow as more people throughout healthcare appreciate and address this impactful set of problems.