ImproveDx Newsletter

September 2021
Volume 8 | Issue 5

Celebrating 10 Years of SIDM: A Series of Interviews

Introduction by Paul L. Epner, MBA, MEd; Interviews by Susan Carr

In this special issue of ImproveDx, we will visit with some of the pioneers and supporters that became key partners of SIDM and contributed to its growth and sustainability while also driving broader impact to the field of diagnostic quality and safety. As you read their perspectives, reflect on that period pre-2011 when SIDM didn’t exist, when “the delivery of healthcare had proceeded for decades with a blind spot: diagnostic errors” (NAM, 2015), and let us be thankful for their efforts and for SIDM.

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History of SIDM: Milestones in Improving Diagnosis

While much has changed since SIDM was incorporated in 2011, our vision of creating a world where no patients are harmed by diagnostic error remains the same. Take a look back at some of SIDM's milestones over the first 10 years.

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Photo Gallery: 10 Years of Diagnostic Quality and Safety

View photos from Diagnostic Error in Medicine conference, SIDM convenings and events, international meetings, workshops, and more.

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