With support from funders who are committed to improving diagnosis, the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine (SIDM) is spearheading significant projects working to support clinicians, patients, researchers and educators to improve the accuracy and timeliness of diagnosis and reduce harm caused by diagnostic error.


SIDM is working to increase awareness and engagement around the issue of diagnostic error, making improving diagnosis a priority for healthcare.


Through initiatives and projects, SIDM aims to increase research on diagnosis and focus on diagnostic outcomes that matter to patients.


 Better diagnostic outcomes can be achieved by transforming education and developing new leaders in diagnostic quality and safety.

Practice Improvement

By engaging patients, clinicians, and healthcare systems to improve current diagnostic performance, SIDM is working to reduce harm from diagnostic error.

Patient Engagement

Patients and families play a vital role improving diagnosis. SIDM aims to integrate patients and their families in all diagnostic improvement efforts.