Tuesday, 16 June 2020

First Session
Aula Magna, Bo - University of Padova
8.15 Registration
8.45 Welcome and Announcements
Mario Plebani (Padova, Italy)
Paul L. Epner (Chicago, USA)
9.00 Keynote 1
Diagnosis crowd sourcing
Lisa Sanders (New York, USA)
9.45 Keynote 2
The European Working Group on improvement in cancer diagnosis
Walter Ricciardi (Roma, Italy)
10.15 Keynote 3
Cancer diagnosis
Yoryos Lyratzopoulos (London, UK)
10.45 Coffee Break
11.15 Oral Abstracts
(6 best rated abstracts)
13.00 Lunch Break
13.30 Poster viewing (and Lunch Break continued)
Second Session
Parallel Tracks
Track 1: Errors in Acute Care
Chairs: Wolf Hautz (Bern, Switzerland) & Jonathan Ilgen (Seattle, USA)
Is diagnostic error a relevant problem in acute care?
Wolf Hautz (Bern, Switzerland)
Confidence, calibration and the role of collaboration in acute care
Juliane Kämmer (Berlin, Germany)
(Diagnostic) reasoning under the uncertainty inherent to acute care
Jonathan Ilgen (Seattle, USA)
Simulation for acute care teams
Flavia Petrini (Chieti, Italy)
Track 2: Stratification of Patients in Sepsis: The New Identify and Role of the Laboratory Services Platform
Chairs : Mario Plebani (Padova, Italy), Giorgio Tulli (Firenze, Italy) & Riccardo Tartaglia (Firenze, Italy)
The burden of sepsis in the world
Konrad Reinhart (Jena, Germany)
How to increase knowledge for modulating a host response in sepsis: which biomarkers to guide clinic?
Brendon P. Scicluna (Amsterdam, NL)
Leading clinicians to accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment: the role of microbiological diagnostic stewardship
Gian Maria Rossolini (Firenze, Italy)
Risk-based approach in the identification and management of sepsis
Giulio Toccafondi (Firenze, Italy)
Track 3: Decision Support/AI
Chair: Jason Maude (London, UK)
Exploiting artificial intelligence to predict Diseases’ onset and progression
Barbara Di Camillo (Padova, Italy)
How providing digital tools to patients can dramatically transform the delivery of primary care
Dave Triska (Surrey, UK)
Why the differences in how symptom checkers are built could be a matter of life or death
Jason Maude (London, UK)
16.15 Coffee Break
16.30 Plenary
Under the hood of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
Lamberto Ballan (Padova, Italy)
17.00 Understanding clinical reasoning through eye-tracking studies in radiology
Laura Zwaan (Rotterdam, NL)

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

First Session
Aula Morgagni, Policlinico
8.45 Keynote 4
Uncertainty, confidence and calibration
Jonathan Ilgen (Seattle, USA)
9.15 Keynote 5
Feedback to improve calibration and performance
Marloes Nederhand (Rotterdam, NL)
9.45 Keynote 6
Diagnostic reasoning and learning from errors
Vincenzo Crupi (Torino, Italy)
10.15 Coffee Break
10.45 Overdiagnosis
Hardeep Singh (Houston, USA) & Niek de Wit (Utrecht, NL)
11.30 Plenary Speaker
Quality diagnosis: gender differences
Giovannella Baggio (Padova, Italy)
12.00 Poster Pitches
12.30 Lunch Break
13.00 Poster viewing (and Lunch Break continued)
13.30 Patient involvement in the diagnostic process
Kathryn McDonald (Baltimore, USA)
Second Session
Two Parallel Tracks
Track 1: Feedback and Calibration Workshop
Chair: Laura Zwaan (Rotterdam, NL)
Andrew Olson (Minnesota, USA) & Marloes Nederhand (Rotterdam, NL)
Track 2: Laboratory-Related Errors
Chairs: Paul L. Epner (Chicago, USA) & Giulio Toccafondi (Firenze, Italy)
Machine learning in laboratory medicine
Giuseppe Banfi (Milano, Italy)
Laboratory-related errors and quality indicators
Mario Plebani (Padova, Italy)
The research agenda for laboratory testing-related diagnostic error
Maarten ten Berg (Utrecht, NL)
16.15 Coffee Break
16.45 Summarizing the Conference
Mark Graber (Boston, USA)
17.15 Closing of the Conference
Mario Plebani (Padova, Italy)
UPDATE: EuroDem 2020 Is Postponed

As we continue to monitor the impact of COVID-19, it has become clear that it is not possible to proceed with EuroDEM in Padova, Italy on June 16-17 of this year.