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Save the Date!

We are excited to announce the 2nd Australasian Diagnostic Error in Medicine Conference will take place Sunday 28 – Tuesday 30 April 2019 at the Grand Hyatt, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Pre-conference workshops are taking place on Sunday 28 April.

Conference theme: Communicating for safer diagnosis

Diagnosis is difficult. Most people will experience at least one diagnostic error in their lifetime, sometimes with devastating consequences. Language creates our experience and the field of diagnostic error and safety can be viewed through the lens of our communication.

How can we communicate for safer diagnosis?

How can health IT better support the diagnostic process?

How can clinicians better communicate with each other across the silos in healthcare?

How can patients better engage in the diagnostic process?

Together, how can we make the diagnostic process safer and more reliable for patients?

Join us at this exciting multidisciplinary conference which will bring together thought leaders in the growing field of diagnostic safety. Experts in clinical reasoning, medical education, cognitive psychology and medical research will join together to explore this critical topic through the lens of our communication.

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