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Program & Abstracts


Thank you for your interest. The program will commence at 9.00am on Monday 29 April 2018 and conclude at approximately 5.00pm on Tuesday 30 April 2019. Pre-conference workshops will be taking place in the afternoon of Sunday 28 April 2019.

The program will include the following workshops and presentations:

  • Pre-conference Workshop 1: Introduction to Diagnostic Error
  • Pre-conference Workshop 2: Bedside to boardroom: The roles patients and communities can play in supporting diagnostic excellence
  • Pre-conference Workshop 3: The Joy of Looking - The National Gallery of Victoria – Limited spots available!
  • Pre-conference workshop 4: Research to Improve Diagnosis: Strategies for Operational Measurement of Diagnostic Performance
  • Simulation
  • Coping with Medical Error
  • Cognitive biases
  • Testing
  • Expertise & Teaching Clinical Reasoning
  • Communication
  • Problems & Solutions
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