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Interactive Sessions

ANZA-SIDM 2022 will include interactive sessions for you to take a deeper dive into diagnostic error and talk directly with experts in the field.

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Coping After Error

Coping After Error

Day: Friday 29 April

Time: 1:30 – 3:00PM AEST

No-one likes making a mistake. Unfortunately, for those of us who work in healthcare, erring can be particularly painful. Healthcare is a high stakes environment because even simple errors can occasionally result in significant patient harm. Healthcare is also dynamic, highly complex and unpredictable and staff are human. Hence, errors are inevitable. Healthcare workers are highly motivated to help patients; that is what we have signed up for. So, when a patient is harmed in the process of our care it is confronting and can be hard to know how to handle it.

The focus of this workshop is on understanding and negotiating this ever-present challenge for healthcare workers. We will be seeking input from participants to help further illustrate the situation and discuss strategies that can help.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore the reasons why mistakes in healthcare are inevitable
  • Explore why making mistakes in healthcare is so challenging
  • Consider what a healthy personal response to mistakes in healthcare looks like
  • Discuss strategies to enable a healthy personal response to mistakes



Julia Harrison

Associate Professor Julia Harrison is an Emergency Physician and Deputy Head of the Monash Medicine Course. Julia has a long-standing interest in education for patient safety and has been running the final year subject of Patient Safety and Preparation for Practice for Monash medical students since the subject's inception in 2006.


Jill Klein

Jill Klein received her Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the University of Michigan and joined Melbourne Business School in 2009, and Melbourne Medical School in 2015. Jill teaches Clinical Decision Making, Leadership and Resilience. Her research interests are medical decision making, diagnostic error, and medical student wellbeing. She has published widely, including in the British Medical Journal, Medical Education, Management Science and Harvard Business Review.


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