Policy Roadmap for Research to Improve Diagnosis

The Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine (SIDM)'s 2018 white paper, SIDM Roadmap for Research to Improve Diagnosis – Converting National Academy of Medicine Recommendations into Policy Action, showcases the vital need for increased research funding devoted to improving diagnosis. The Roadmap includes a three-pronged approach for policymakers to take to support and facilitate research that will lead to tangible increases in accurate and timely diagnosis: 1.) Establish and fund Research Centers of Diagnostic Excellence, 2.) Support and fund diagnostic fellowship training programs and 3.)Develop and validate operationally viable measures.

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Executive Summary

According to the National Academy of Medicine's quality report, diagnostic errors represent a major public health problem likely to affect every one of us at least once in our lifetime.

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Tackling the Big Three

Studies consistently find that roughly 50-80% of the serious harms resulting from missed or delayed diagnoses are linked to one of three key disease categories: vascular events, infections, and cancers.

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Return on Investment

The projected net benefits of facilitating research to improve diagnosis are enormous. Learn about the short, intermediate, and long term impact.

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Public Health Imperative

A critical area of patient safety, healthcare quality, and cost savings that has not been adequately addressed by the healthcare sector is the issue of reducing diagnostic errors.

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The Path Forward

Learn more about the foundational need to facilitate and catalyze research towards solutions, including the need to establish valid operational measures of diagnostic error.

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Policy Action

The diagnostic research pipeline is “leaky” with major gaps, so cross-agency coordination is essential. Policymakers can help by raising awareness of diagnostic errors as a priority topic.

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