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Improving diagnosis requires continued investment in medical education, leveraging trainees, practitioners, and educators to address gaps in the system and focus on the teams that contribute to accurate and timely diagnostics. The Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine (SIDM)'s resources for medical educators examine clinical reasoning and system factors that underlie diagnostic error, and offer tools and strategies to bring diagnostic quality and safety into the medical education curriculum.

#TeachDx Faculty Development Academy

Learn and develop best practices around teaching diagnostic excellence. All applications should be submitted by 11:59 pm ET on January 29, 2021.

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Clinical Reasoning Toolkit

Diagnostic reasoning is a fundamental skill for any clinician. The Clinical Reasoning Toolkit presents a collection of go-to resources for clinicians endeavoring to develop their clinical reasoning skills.

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Assessment of Reasoning Tool

Assessment of Reasoning Tool

SIDM has developed a straightforward Assessment of Reasoning Tool to support educators in assessing a learner’s clinical reasoning skills during patient presentations.

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Fellowship in Diagnostic Excellence

Looking to develop additional expertise in diagnostic safety and quality? SIDM's fellowship program will enhance your knowledge and skills in diagnostic quality and safety, and match you with experienced mentors and recognized leaders in the field.

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Explore the Literature

Explore the diagnostic error literature base and access dozens of academic articles that cover concepts, challenges, and avenues for diagnostic improvement.

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Discuss the Latest Research

The SIDM Journal Club highlights cutting-edge research in the field, inviting researchers to present and discuss their work with us. Join the conversation and discover emerging research in the area of diagnosis.

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Curriculum on Diagnosis

The Inter-Professional Consensus Curriculum on Diagnosis and Diagnostic Error initiative is bringing together experts to refine education and training provided to clinicians, paving the way for improvements in patient safety.

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Understanding and Reducing Diagnostic Error

Medscape, in partnership with SIDM, developed a learning module for primary care physicians, emergency medicine physicians, radiologists, and nurses interested in improving diagnostic accuracy.

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Cases to Improve Diagnosis

These learning cases are for practicing physicians, developed by the American College of Physicians in collaboration with SIDM, encouraging them to think around diagnostic decision-making, how diagnostic errors may affect both patients and physicians in their daily practice of medicine, and how errors can be mitigated by physicians. 

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Case-Based Virtual Learning Course

Aquifer and SIDM have developed a free virtual patient course that contains foundational content about diagnosis, including factors that contribute to error and strategies that can be used to avoid error. The course introduces students to the cognitive processes and system-related issues that can lead to errors.

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Diagnosis is the official peer-reviewed journal of SIDM, focusing on how diagnosis can be advanced, how it is taught, and how and why it can fail, leading to diagnostic errors.