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Pivoting to Plan a Virtual SIDM2020 with Co-Chair Ashley Meyer

The Diagnostic Error in Medicine 13th Annual International Conference (SIDM2020) will take place virtually October 19–21, 2020, focusing on the theme of Transforming Education & Practice to Improve Diagnosis. We sat down with SIDM2020 Co-Chair Ashley Meyer, PhD, Houston VA Center for Innovations in Quality, Effectiveness and Safety, to learn a little more about her past experience with SIDM and the Diagnostic Error in Medicine conference, as well as what attendees can expect from this year’s virtual event.

SIDM: Tell us a little bit about your history with SIDM and your role as SIDM2020 Co-Chair.

Ashley Meyer

Ashley Meyer, PhD

Ashley Meyer (AM): I attended my first Diagnostic Error in Medicine Conference in 2011 at the suggestion of my mentor, Hardeep Singh. He introduced me to many giants in the field, including Mark Graber. Both Hardeep and Mark welcomed me into the field and helped me get more involved. From there, I dove right in and have now been a part of SIDM’s Diagnostic Error in Medicine Planning Committee and Research Committee for many years.

As part of the Research Committee, which I currently Chair alongside Janice Kwan, I have led many SIDM activities, bringing researchers together to decrease diagnostic error. For example, I ran SIDM’s Journal Club for a couple of years and helped my colleagues Laura Zwaan and Robert El-Kareh plan multiple Research Summits — meetings that bring the Diagnostic Error in Medicine research community together to push the boundaries of current research.

In addition to these activities, I am also the Co-Chair of the SIDM2020 conference, alongside Andrew Olson. Helping to plan SIDM2020 has been both a great challenge as we moved to a virtual conference and an honor. I have thoroughly enjoyed working alongside Andrew, the SIDM staff, and our planning committee. We are working diligently to bring everyone in the field great content, despite the challenges that 2020 has brought to the world.

SIDM: This year will mark the first virtual Diagnostic Error in Medicine Conference. What’s the biggest benefit you see in putting on a virtual SIDM2020?

AM: People from all over the world have the opportunity to exchange ideas about improving diagnosis and network with each other without worrying about the usual inconveniences of travel — like jetlag, increased expenses, and time away from home and family. With this virtual format, we have a great opportunity to involve more people and expand our community. We are also offering discounted bundles for departments to use to buy multiple registrations for their teams, learners, and others.

SIDM: Who are you excited to see online at this year’s conference?

AM: In addition to the keynote speakers — Gurpreet Dhaliwal, MD, Kevin Eva, PhD, Hon. FacadMEd, and Kimberly D. Manning, MD, FACP, FAAP — who will undoubtedly be fantastic, I am excited to connect with colleagues who I have gotten to know over the years. I’m also looking forward to continuing to meet new people with new perspectives on how we can improve diagnosis. This year’s focus on transforming education and practice will resonate with not only our regular attendees, but also with new clinicians, patients, and quality leaders.

SIDM: There are so many good ones, but if you had to choose, what are three education sessions attendees should put on their radar?

AM: Kimberly Manning’s session, “When Grief and Crises Intersect: Perspective of a Black Physician in the Time of Two Pandemics,” and Kevin Eva’s session, “From Psychology to Medicine and Back: How Research on Clinical Reasoning Is Informing the Use of Judgment-based Assessment Practices,” are sure to both educate and impassion the community. I urge everyone to attend these sessions.

Additionally, “Clinical Problem Solving in Action,” featuring Gurpreet Dhaliwal, is always a crowd favorite! Watching Gurpreet “think out loud” as he tries to diagnose a challenging problem is always entertaining, yet intriguing —I learn something new about clinical reasoning every time.

SIDM: Can you provide any insight into what the viewer experience will look like in attending virtual education sessions?

AM: Attendees can expect the same great content that is always a part of the Diagnostic Error in Medicine conferences! The conference will be hosted on a virtual event platform that includes live presentations and opportunities for discussion to enable widespread participation among attendees tuning in from the comfort of their own homes or offices.

The conference also includes pre-recorded content that can be viewed at one’s leisure. For example, short summaries will be recorded for the posters, which will be available for attendees to peruse when they choose. This enables you to view far more posters than you would at the in-person event. Attendees can also chat with the poster presenters during scheduled times, giving you the best of both worlds!

Additionally, the content for all sessions will be taped, so if there are two workshops you wish to attend at the same time and you are going to miss one, you’ll be able to go back and watch the presentation video. This is something we don’t offer in real-time at the in-person event, and I’m thrilled that we can offer it this year since everything will be virtual.

SIDM: What actionable ideas will attendees walk away with after experiencing SIDM2020?

AM: Actionable ideas that will result from this year’s conference include conducting and learning from morbidity and mortality discussions to improve diagnosis, engaging patients as partners in medical education, implementing diagnostic safety measurement, and much more.

Importantly, attendees will find additional ideas and inspiration as they network, brainstorm, and learn from the various high-quality sessions that we have planned for SIDM2020!

SIDM: Is there anything else you’d like to share about SIDM or SIDM2020?

AM: Despite the challenges brought on by the year 2020, the Diagnostic Error in Medicine 13th Annual International Conference (SIDM2020) will no doubt be the place to highlight the wonderful work the larger community is doing to improve diagnosis. For example, work being done in the realms of research, education, and practice improvement will be nicely displayed and celebrated in the Oral Abstract sessions and will hopefully serve to inspire future work to improve diagnosis.

Registration for SIDM2020 is open! Valued SIDM members received a reduced conference rate, and non-members who register for the full conference will receive a complimentary SIDM membership through June 30, 2021. Register now!

Registration is Open!

Valued SIDM members received a reduced conference rate, and non-members who register for the full conference will receive a complimentary SIDM membership through June 30, 2021.