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The Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine (SIDM) is the only organization focused exclusively on reducing diagnostic error in medicine. Through building awareness and engagement, catalyzing research, supporting changes to medical education and driving quality improvement and patient engagement, SIDM has become the driving force for improving diagnostic quality and eliminating harm from diagnostic error. And when you join us, you help lead the way to better health care for everyone.


Physicians, researchers, patient advocates, healthcare providers and other professionals can join our efforts to reduce harm from diagnostic error. For a contribution of $150 you will be part of an exciting movement to improve health care for everyone.


The next generation of healthcare professionals will be on the front lines driving efforts to improve diagnosis. Join us for an annual contribution of $75 or more.


Patients and family members who have experienced diagnostic errors must be part of any efforts to improve diagnosis. For $75 or more, you can join SIDM and lend your voice to this important movement.

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Emerging Research Developments

Free access to SIDM's peer-reviewed journal Diagnosis, the only influential medical journal focused on all aspects of diagnosis in medicine (a $149 value).

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Receive SIDM's bi-monthly newsletter, ImproveDx, with original articles on the latest developments in the field.

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Perpetual online access to all Diagnostic Error in Medicine Conference presentations, developed and delivered by leading experts in the field.

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Access our online community to connect with physicians, researchers, patients, patient advocates, and healthcare providers discussing and collaborating on topics relevant to diagnostic error in medicine.


Only through the support of corporate sponsors and donations can SIDM continue its efforts to catalyze and lead change to improve diagnosis and eliminate harm.

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