From the Field: New SIDM Online Community

The Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine (SIDM) recently launched a new community platform that allows users to start conversations, discover and share resources, and network with peers. The change comes as SIDM develops more effective ways for people from different backgrounds to connect and communicate.

SIDM’s discussion board community is open to patients, researchers, clinicians, and anyone interested in improving diagnostic error. The online community allows users to:

  • Participate in conversations on the latest research and new efforts to improve diagnosis,
  • Collaborate with other members of the SIDM community and build a network of peers,
  • Access a community-built library of resources, where users can share files, including multimedia,
  • Participate either online or directly by email by replying to threads or starting their own discussion.

There is already lively discussion on the platform, ranging from clinicians asking for advice (Where should we focus efforts to improve education – new trainees, or clinicians in practice?) to researchers sharing articles they have found or written. Others can easily join the conversation and offer input or advice.

Join the new community by navigating to and signing in with the same credentials you use to log in to your SIDM account. If you’re new to SIDM, you can create an account to start participating.

Once logged in, users can join the community and sign up for real-time, daily, or weekly email digests of current conversations they can respond to on the platform.

For more information or troubleshooting, contact SIDM Digital Content Manager Amanda Staller at