Clinical Reasoning Toolkit


The SIDM Education Committee recognizes the need to provide clinicians and teachers on the front lines of patient care and medical education with a centralized resource for learning about the cognitive processes that underlie diagnostic reasoning.

In the SIDM Clinical Reasoning Toolkit, users will find a collection of books, articles (links only), slide presentations, and videos grouped into four major topics. The Toolkit assembles and organizes materials for self-directed learning, but is not a fully integrated curriculum.

After reviewing the resources in this collection, users will be able to better analyze, teach, and improve the diagnostic process and share in our goal of making diagnosis safer and more reliable.

User Guide

Users seeking to develop a broad understanding of clinical reasoning will benefit most from selecting resources in the Overview section first and then studying the two sections on Cognitive Errors. In the Education section, teachers will find guidance and resources to educate trainees.

At the top of each section there is a Quick Take. This single resource provides an introductory overview of the selected domain of clinical reasoning.

Core resources, which provide additional high-yield introductory information, are indicated by a STAR icon.

After reading the Quick Take and Core resources, more in-depth coverage of the clinical reasoning domain is available through the remaining intermediate and advanced level resources.

Clicking on any resource provides a link (for copyrighted or password-protected material) or downloads the material directly.

Learn about how we reason and make decisions and understand three different models of decision making – Dual Processes, Naturalistic Decision Making, and Mental Sub-Processes.

Learn how heuristics, the efficient and typically effective cognitive strategies we employ continuously, sometimes lead to deviations from ideal decision making.

Learn about methods for "thinking about thinking” and improving diagnostic reliability.

Resources for teachers who want to integrate clinical reasoning training into their educational activities.