Effective Approaches to Teaching Clinical Reasoning

A Twitter Chat with the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine

Event Date: Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Event Time: 8:00 pm CST

Moderator: Andrew Olson (@andrewolsonmd)

Hashtag: #TeachDx


  • Q1: What are the biggest challenges you face in teaching clinical reasoning? #TeachDx
  • Q2: Do you teach the way in which you learned, or do you bring in new strategies? #TeachDx
  • Q3: What are the experiences and concepts that were most effective to your own learning? #TeachDx
  • Q4: What do you want to be true of your learners that was not true of them prior to studying clinical reasoning with you? #TeachDx
  • Q5: If you could teach only once concept in CR, what would you choose? #TeachDx
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