ImproveDx Newsletter

September 2019
Volume 6 | Issue 5

Diagnosis, the Missing Course

By Susan Carr

The ability to diagnose patients’ medical problems is central to being a physician. How is it possible that diagnosis is not taught in medical school?

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AHRQ Spearheads Initiatives to Improve Diagnostic Quality & Safety

AHRQ has identified three critical challenges in today’s digital healthcare ecosystem—one of these critical challenges is to reduce diagnostic errors that take place each year by applying evidence-based patient safety strategies, predictive analytics, personalized and precision medicine, and new technologies at the point of care.

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New Research Showcases the Extent of Diagnostic Error Harm

According to new research, one-third (34%) of malpractice cases that result in death or permanent disability stem from an inaccurate or delayed diagnosis, making diagnostic error the number one cause of serious harms among medical errors.

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From the Field: Shaping Policy to Improve Diagnosis

The Policy Committee of the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine (SIDM) guides the Society’s efforts to prioritize diagnosis in public policy conversations about healthcare quality, safety and value.

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