ImproveDx Newsletter

July 2019
Volume 6 | Issue 4

Unexplained Symptoms: When Diagnostic Uncertainty Becomes a Diagnosis

By Susan Carr

By its nature, medically unexplained symptoms is a condition that is difficult to identify, classify, and manage. It is ill-defined, varied in its presentation, and often unrecognized by patients as a diagnosis in itself.

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Diagnosis Education – A Pathway to Improving Diagnosis

As summarized in the landmark report from the National Academy of Medicine (NAM), Improving Diagnosis in Health Care, our current education system generates clinicians who get the diagnosis right roughly 90% of the time. The report and its recommendation to improve education, along with the growing interest in diagnosis and diagnostic error more generally, provide the impetus for renewed attention to what is taught today and how it can be improved.

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Addressing the Disparities Gap in Diagnosis

Patients entering the diagnostic process exhibit several highly visible risk factors—eg, age, race/ethnicity, and sex—that affect efficient and accurate diagnostic decision-making. Yet there have not been focused efforts to understand how these factors impact symptoms, test results, and diagnosis.

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From the Field: PAIRED Patient Discusses Diagnostic Error on Maternal Sepsis Day

On May 15, 2019, the Sepsis Alliance launched Maternal Sepsis Day “to raise awareness of the unique signs and symptoms of maternal sepsis.” To help others understand the importance of a timely and accurate sepsis diagnosis, PAIRED patient Sarah Kiehl shared her story online.

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