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Every member of the clinical team has a role to play in ensuring that diagnoses are accurate, timely and communicated to the patient.  SIDM offers resources for clinical team members to improve cognitive skills and work within their health systems to improve the diagnostic process.

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Improving Diagnosis Change Package

The Improving Diagnosis in Medicine change package is a tool to help reduce patient safety incidents caused by actions during the diagnostic process. Developed through clinical practice sharing, organization input, and contributions from subject matter experts, patients, and families, it is designed to help users identify the circumstances under which diagnostic errors can occur and engage all team members, especially patients and families.

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Clinical Reasoning Toolkit

The Clinical Reasoning Toolkit is full of resources to support clinicians in developing their clinical reasoning skills.

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Understanding Diagnostic Error

Medscape, in partnership with SIDM, developed a learning module for individuals interested in improving diagnostic accuracy. 

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Strategies to Identify Cognitive Biases

The Society of Hospital Medicine, in partnership with SIDM, recently developed a learning module to equip hospitalists with actionable risk mitigation strategies and techniques.

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Checklists to Improve Diagnosis

Browse our selection of checklists, helping clinicians work toward an error-free cognitive process for diagnosis.

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Cases to Improve Diagnosis

These learning cases are for practicing physicians, developed by the American College of Physicians in collaboration with SIDM, encouraging them to think around diagnostic decision-making, how diagnostic errors may affect both patients and physicians in their daily practice of medicine, and how errors can be mitigated by physicians. 

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Case-Based Virtual Learning Course

Aquifer and SIDM have developed a free virtual patient course that contains foundational content about diagnosis, including factors that contribute to error and strategies that can be used to avoid error. The course introduces students to the cognitive processes and system-related issues that can lead to errors.

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