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The SIDM Research Committee has three major long-term goals derived from the SIDM mission:

  1. Foster growth of diagnostic safety & quality researchers and facilitate their collaboration across disciplines, institutions, and interests.
  2. Support development of diagnostic error and accuracy-related measures.
  3. Help facilitate funding for diagnostic error research.

To this end, the SIDM research committee is now developing web-based resources to help get junior investigators engaged, convening research leaders to articulate research methods and analyze gaps in the current research base, and advocating for research funding for this important public health problem.

The Diagnostic Safety Research Toolkit provides online resources and tips to build skills, get involved, seek funding, and publish your diagnostic quality and safety research. We also provide an organized overview of current research methods, references to important studies, and potential future research directions for those interested in starting or continuing efforts to study diagnostic error.


Get Involved in Diagnostic Safety Research

Explore ways to build skills and get connected in diagnostic safety and quality research. Locate potential collaborators, mentors, and funders. Learn more.

Overview of Diagnostic Error in Research

Review definitions, conceptual models, and error taxonomies. Overview study designs for diagnostic safety and quality research. Learn more.

Measuring Burden

Learn about ways to measure the frequency and impact of diagnostic errors. Learn more.

Assessing Causes

Learn about ways to assess the causes of diagnostic errors. Learn more.

Developing Solutions

Learn about ways to develop and test interventions designed to improve diagnostic safety and quality. Learn more.


Find references to key articles on diagnostic safety research. Learn more.
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