There are probably no cognitive tasks more challenging than diagnosis in medicine. There are over 10,000 known diseases and this list grows every year.

Being able to match a patient’s problems to one of these entities requires a remarkable ability to synthesize information and integrate this with knowledge acquired over years of training and experience. We honor those physicians who do this well, and celebrate the fact that diagnosis is so often correct.

That diagnosis succeeds is a testament to the dedication and skill of physicians, their teachers, the healthcare systems that enable the process, and the countless individuals and organizations that have created the diagnostic testing capabilities we enjoy today.  We also recognize that we could do better. When diagnosis is delayed or wrong, patients can be harmed, instead of helped by our efforts.

Our Society is dedicated to honoring all those who have been harmed by diagnostic error. We will all be patients some day, and we will all want the same thing: That our diagnosis is made quickly, accurately, efficiently, and safely. The Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine will strive to unite everyone and every organization that shares this vision so that we can focus on how to improve the diagnostic process.

Your energy, skill, and dedication will drive this improvement effort. Thanks for your interest in joining our quest to improve diagnosis - we need and appreciate your help and support.

Mark L Graber, MD FACP
President and Founder, Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine

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Diagnosis in Medicine
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