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Learn about ways to develop and test interventions designed to improve diagnostic safety and quality.


Cognitive View

    . BMJ Qual Saf. 2012.
  • Improve intuitive and deliberate processes in decision-making
  • Get external assistance (2nd opinions, CDSS, etc)
  • Reducing Cognitive Errors in the SIDM Clinical Reasoning Toolkit

System-focused View

  • Clinical documentation
    • Electronic clinical documentation systems hold promise in supporting better diagnostic performance. These systems can enhance the organization and display of information, facilitate patient-specific clinical assessments, improve communication among the care team and provide valuable feedback to decision-makers. Many of these capabilities are not currently present in widely-adopted systems and represent areas of potential research.
    • Schiff GD, Bates DW. Can Electronic Clinical Documentation Help Prevent Diagnostic Errors? N Engl J Med. 2010.
  • Performance feedback to clinicians
  • Diagnostic error surveillance
  • Several coordination related recommendations have been made in these papers
  • Use of information technology
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