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ImproveDx February 2019
Feature Article: CPI or HPI? Chronology of Present Illness May Help Avoid Diagnostic Pitfalls


ImproveDx October 2018
Feature Article: Diagnostic Safety Worldwide

ImproveDx June 2018
Feature Article: Diagnostic Error: Learning From the Past and the Present

ImproveDx April 2018
Feature Article: Diagnosis at the Center of Lyme Wars

ImproveDx February 2018
Feature Article: Transgender Patients and Diagnostic Safety: Back to Basics


ImproveDx December 2017
Feature Article: Creativity May Point the Way to More Resilience, Less Burnout, and Better Diagnosis

ImproveDx October 2017
Feature Article: The Evolution of Diagnostic Teamwork

ImproveDx August 2017
Feature Article: Perceptual Errors and the Limits of Visual Performance

ImproveDx Special Edition-July 2017
Feature Article: Reforming Medical Education and Improving Diagnosis

ImproveDx June 2017
Feature Article: Asessment and Clinical Reasoning: Challenge and Opportunities

ImproveDx April 2017
Feature Article: The Opioid Crisis: Can Improving Diagnosis Help Solve the Problem?

ImproveDx February 2017
Feature Article: Medical Education: Expert Clinical Reasoning for All


ImproveDx December 2016
Feature Article: Measuring Diagnostic Performance

ImproveDx October 2016
Feature Article: Diagnostic Safety Improvement: Fast and Slow

ImproveDx August 2016
Feature Article: The Role of Empathy and Compassion in Diagnosis

ImproveDx June 2016
Feature Article: Using Social Media to Improve Diagnosis

ImproveDx April 2016
Feature Article: Future Directions for Diagnostic Decision Support

ImproveDx February 2016
Feature Article: Root Cause Analysis for Diagnostic Error Assessment


ImproveDx November 2015
Feature Article: Improving Diagnosis in Health Care - Institute of Medicine Issues New Report

ImproveDx September 2015
Feature Article: Health IT and Diagnostic Safety - Promise and Peril

ImproveDx July 2015
Feature Article: At Last! Research Funds for Diagnostic Safety

ImproveDx May 2015
Feature Article: Improving Communication of Test Results in a Changing World

ImproveDx March 2015
Feature Article: Kernicterus: A Diagnosis Lost and Found

ImproveDx January 2015
Feature Article: Nurses and Diagnosis - A New Vision


ImproveDx November 2014
Feature Article: Overconfidence, Humility, and Diagnostic Error

ImproveDx September 2014
Feature Article: Using Simulation to Improve Diagnosis

ImproveDx July 2014
Feature Article: Self-Diagnosis - What Can We Learn From the Stories?

ImproveDx May 2014
Feature Article: Diagnosis and High Reliability

ImproveDx March 2014
Feature Article: Medical Scribes Improve Physician Satisfaction. Can They Improve Diagnosis, Too?

ImproveDx January 2014
Feature Article: Communication Breakdowns Drive Diagnostic Failure in Emergency Medicine

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