Top Myths about Diagnostic Errors Held by Patients

1.   No news is good news.

2.   My doctors are talking to one another.

3.   My doctor is different.

4.   Somebody is in charge of my diagnosis.

5.   There is always an answer.

6.   My hunches don't count as much as my physician's.

7.   I would be disloyal to my physician if I ask for a second opinion.

8.   My insurance won't pay for a second opinion.

9.  The more tests I have, the better.

10. Diagnosis errors won't happen to me.


Top Myths about Diagnostic Errors Held within Healthcare Systems

1.   They don't happen here.

2.   If something went wrong, I would hear about it.

3.   We are already dealing with the problem.

4.   They are too complex to understand.

5.   That's the physician's problem.

6.   We open ourselves to liability if we look too hard at diagnosis errors.

7.   There's nothing we can do.

8.   Only physicians have a role in diagnosis.

Top Myths about Diagnostic Errors Held by Physicians

1.   It won't happen to me.

2.   I can trust my intuition.

3.   Physicians know what they know and know what they don't know.

4.   I communicate effectively with my patients.

5.   I'm a good listener.

6.   Most diagnostic errors involve rare or uncommon diseases.

7.   I always make a complete differential diagnosis.

8.   If I made a diagnostic error, I'd find out about it.

9.   I speak personally with the Radiologist about important tests.

10. I have a reliable system in place to track requested tests.


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