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Listserv is an email-based list of subscribers, which can be used to facilitate robust discussion, interaction and professional collaboration on topics relevant to diagnostic error in medicine.

To sign up as a Listserv user for Society To Improve Diagnosis in Medicine go to:

General Administration

Web URL:

To maintain your account online, simply log in at to change your user settings, including preferences for formatting, digest and preferred name.

On your first visit, you will need to renew your password or you can do so by clicking here. You will then be sent a confirmation email where you can click to confirm your password and login to the site.

To maintain your account via e-mail, simply send a command message to LISTSERV@LIST.IMPROVEDIAGNOSIS.ORG from your subscribed email address.The body of the message should contain the following text, as appropriate, so you can manage preferences:

  • SET IMPROVEDX DIGESTS (this command will reset your notifications to the digest format)
  • SET IMPROVEDX NODIGESTS (this command will turn off the digest format)
  • SET IMPROVEDX HTML (this command will change your mail format to HTML)
  • SET IMPROVEDX NOHTML (this command will change your mail format to plain text)
  • SET IMPROVEDX MAIL (this command will turn on your mailings)
  • SET IMPROVEDX NOMAIL (this command will turn off your mailings)
  • SIGNOFF IMPROVEDX (this command will unsubscribe you from IMPROVEDX)

Please note that commands should be sent to LISTSERV@LIST.IMPROVEDIAGNOSIS.ORG and if you are a subscribed user just looking to start a discussion, you should e-mail your message to IMPROVEDX@LIST.IMPROVEDIAGNOSIS.ORG or you can also start a post from the website at

Need help with content, rules of etiquette? Contact the IMPROVEDX Moderator at IMPROVEDX-request@LIST.IMPROVEDIAGNOSIS.ORG.

Need help with technical administration, including preferences and set-up? Contact the IMPROVEDX AdminIstrator at IMPROVEDX-request@LIST.IMPROVEDIAGNOSIS.ORG.

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