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What follows is a series of introductory resources to diagnostic error. A good place to start is with the video of Dr. Mark Graber, SIDM founder, providing an overview of diagnostic error. The presentation is intended for those with a medical background, however, Dr. Graber makes the information accessible to all and so can be an excellent way to get oriented.

Dr. Mark Graber's Introduction to Diagnostic Error

Over the last decade, practitioners have focused on improving patient safety around quantifiable issues such as medication errors and wrong-site surgery. Diagnostic errors have received less attention despite prevalence in research and malpractice claims. This presentation reviews the epidemiology and etiology of diagnostic error and presents a case study with analysis highlighting the cognitive and systematic issues leading to misdiagnoses. The conclusion summarizes what providers can do to help improve diagnoses.


Participation in this seminar will better enable participants to:

  • Understand the likelihood and etiology of diagnostic error;
  • Perform root cause analysis of diagnostic error;
  • Consider initial steps you can take to address the problem; and
  • Identify and learn from diagnostic errors by asking patients and physicians, or using electronic “trigger tools.”

Recorded lecture provided courtesy of ProAssurance Copyright © 2015.

Introductory Resources

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