DEM Conference 2012
5th International Conference
November 11-14, 2012
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Baltimore Maryland

Keynote Speaker

Carolyn M. Clancy, MD
Director Agency for healthcare Research & Quality ( AHRQ)

Featured Presentation

"Challenges and Opportunities in the pursuit of Better Diagnostic Performance”
Kerm Henriksen, PhD, Human Factors Advisor for Patient Safety

"Data Techniques to identify Inappropriate Lab Test Ordering"
Brian Jackson MD, MS Assoc Prof of Pathology (Clinical)
University of Utah, CMIO and VP ARUP Laboratories*

"Diagnostic Errors In Medicine”
William Strull MD, Medical Director, Quality & Patient Safety
The Permanente Federation

"Diagnostic Malpractice Risks: Learning from the worst of the Worst"
Robert Hanscom JD, CRICO Strategies

"Interventions to Reduce Inappropriate Test Utilization”
Paul Epner, SIDM Board Member & Cofounder

"Missing The Big Picture: The Lewis Blackman Story”
Helen Haskell, Mothers Against Medical Error

"Personalized, Predictive and Pervasive Wellness”
G. Terry Sharrer, Ph.D.

"Preventing Errors in Oncology: Physician's Perspective As A Cancer of the Neck Patient”
Itzhak Brook MD, MSc., Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine
Georgetown University School of Medicine

"Teaching and Assessing Critical Reasoning in the Era of Competency-based medical Education, Milestones and Entrustment”
American Board of Internal Medicine

Teaching Internal Medicine Residents About Cognitive Bias and Diagnostic Error
James B. Reilly MD, MS , FACP, Perelman School of Medicine University of Pennsylvania

Society to Improve
Diagnosis in Medicine
1501 Hinman Ave, #7B
Evanston, Il 60201