Disclosure & Conflict Policy


The Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine (SIDM) is responsible for ensuring balance, independence, objectivity, and scientific rigor in all its educational and professional activities.

Conflict of Interest. Balance and objectivity is jeopardized by Conflict of Interest (COI). A potential Conflict of Interest exists when a person (or his or her immediate family, business partner, employer, or institution) has a direct or indirect interest or relationship that may compromise independence, balance and objectivity in relation to SIDM activities, communications or decision-making

Disclosure to SIDM. SIDM requires written disclosure of all relevant commercial or financial interests and all academic, research, institutional or personal relationships having the potential of creating a Conflict of Interest from all those in a position to influence the content of SIDM events and publications. The required SIDM Disclosure form is provided as an Attachment to this Policy and Procedure.

Conflict of Interest is Not Only Financial. While potentially conflicting relationships are often financial, there are many other relationships that can compromise independence and objectivity. These include personal, intellectual property, research and academic relationships.

Who Determines Conflict of Interest. The person providing the disclosure statement to SIDM does not decide what constitutes a Conflict of Interest—the reviewing body does. The discloser should cast a wide net and report all potentially relevant interests or relationships.

Resolution of Conflict of Interest. The SIDM Board of Directors is responsible to ensure that disclosure statements are collected, reviewed and subjected to a process for resolution of COI. Resolution of COI may be a determination to allow or disallow the discloser to present on a particular topic, publish a particular article or participate in a particular decision.

Disclosure to the Audience or Readership. Disclosure is our principle mechanism for promoting independence and objectivity. While lack of bias can never be guaranteed, SIDM will administer a transparent procedure requiring disclosure of potential COI and notifying the audience of such disclosures. Ultimately the audience, readers or constituency will review the disclosures and decide for themselves if there is bias.

Responsibility for Implementation. The SIDM Board of Directors is responsible for oversight and integrity of the Disclosure process and COI resolution. The SIDM Board may delegate implementation and shall appoint a COI Compliance Officer responsible for the day to day operations required to carry out this policy and procedure.


Notification of Policy. SIDM shall communicate and publish this Policy on Disclosure and Conflict of Interest to the relevant audience, constituency or readership, and it shall be posted on the SIDM website.

Annual Policy Review. As a standing agenda item, the SIDM Board and each of its Committees shall review the SIDM Disclosure and COI Policy & Procedure at least annually at the January meeting or the first meeting of the year, and such review shall be recorded in the Minutes of those meetings.

Implementation. The SIDM Board delegates the annual review and the annual collection of SIDM disclosure statements to the COI Compliance officer. The COI Compliance Officer will collect and review the completed SIDM Disclosure statements from the following: SIDM Board members, editors and authors of SIDM publications, and the Chairs and Co-Chairs of SIDM Committees and Sub-Committees.

The COI Compliance Officer will collect and review the completed CME Disclosure statements on forms furnished by the CME Provider from the speakers, planners and all those in a position to influence content of the annual Diagnostic Error in Medicine (DEM) Conference.

Disclosure is required in advance of the decision, event or publication. The financial threshold for reporting relationships is $100 or more in the past two years. SIDM Officers, Board members, Committee and sub-committee chairpersons shall be required to provide signed and completed disclosure statements to the Compliance Officer at least annually in January. The Compliance Officer shall be responsible for the collection and review of these disclosure statements and for notifying the Board of any disclosures requiring resolution by the Executive Officers or a meeting of the Board.

Notification of Changes to Disclosure Statement. Everyone who is required to provide a disclosure statement to SIDM is also required to immediately notify SIDM of any subsequent changes or newly pertinent interests or relationships posing a potential conflict. Board and Committee members are required to disclose a potential conflict as soon as it arises in the course of Board or Committee activity and prior to any decision making relevant to the potential conflict.

Resolution of COI. When a potential COI is identified through review of disclosure statements, or as a new potential COI is disclosed during the conduct of SIDM business, the potential COI shall be disclosed to the Executive Officers, full Board or relevant Committee. The Officers, Board or Committee will collect information, discuss the potential COI and subject it to a process of resolution. The COI may be resolved by a decision to allow or disallow the potentially conflicted person to present on a particular topic, publish a particular article or participate in a particular decision. Such resolution and determination shall be recorded in the Minutes of the meeting, and the Committee chair shall notify the Board of such resolution.

If the presence of the potentially conflicted person will inhibit discussion of the issue, the Chairman may excuse the person from the discussion. If the potentially conflicted person is the Chairman, the Chair shall recuse him or herself, and another person shall moderate the discussion.

Involvement of Commercial Support. SIDM recognizes the contributions that commercial organizations can bring to education, advocacy and technologic solutions development. SIDM welcomes commercial participation and unrestricted support. Commercial support shall entail no explicit or implicit agreement to influence content or decisions. SIDM encourages the development, innovation and adoption of tools and aids to improve diagnosis in healthcare, including diagnostic instrumentation and clinical decision support tools, without endorsing any particular product.



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